So - you are getting married! AWESOME.

Here, let me help you with that...

I offer a personalised service which ensures that your big day is as unique as you are.   I only perform a select number of weddings a year and don't do more than one wedding a day so you can be assured that you are my priority.


A backyard, homemade wedding with lots of personal touches? Hand me that bunting!

A classic wedding at a winery? Let me pour you a glass of bubbly.

An intimate beach wedding? Here, have some sunscreen.

A Star Wars themed wedding? Where did I put my Wookie mask...


The point is, this is your day.

Let's make it awesome.


There should always be a bit of laughter.  A few tears. But most importantly, lots of love.

Call it what you want -

Legals Only


Registry Style 

Let's get you married without the fuss and fanfare

Sometimes a bit of fuss and fanfare is what we want!

I can also get you married with all of the bells and whistles. Readings, full use of PA system, telling your story... we can create the day that you dream of.

Let's get to know each other a bit..

  • My name is Amanda but call me Mandy (or Amanda. Or Manda...)

  • I have an American accent but have lived here longer than I ever lived in the States. I was born in the US to Australian parents. 

  • I love all kinds of music but don't put my playlist on shuffle - you never know what you might get! Dolly Parton, Dr Dre, Pink, Book of Mormon, Adele, Frozen...

  • I wish that my house was clean and neat but opt for warm and eclectic instead.  It is filled with framed family photos and shelves of books right next to gaming, 80s classics and horror movie memorabilia collected by my husband

  • I love history, true crime, comedy and news podcasts

  • I love movies! Almost any kind - Disney, musicals, animations, documentaries, rom coms, suspense, gangster...

  • I have three cats and say that I don't like dogs and then I meet your dog and I'm like "well, except THIS dog. OF course I love THIS dog...". 

  • I have a degree in Communications (Public Relations) and will spend hours agonising over the perfect phrase or anecdote but I would also communicate solely in memes if I could


Let's get you married!

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Amanda Ashton Weddings

Civil Marriage Celebrant

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Congratulations! First step in your wedding is done!